Attend This World Premier…

World Premier! On Wednesday September 2, starting at 12:00 a.m., will play selected artists from Starrizer USA. Paul Miles, one of the Founders, has put together a mix of his personal artists and other promoter’s choices . Among the artists is a Grammy Winner & multiple award winners throughout the world. Below you can click on the sites and get a preview of what’s to be presented. Thanks for listening. PM

1. Ortheia Barnes -Kennerly- Heaven Bound

2. Andrew Edwards- Rising From The Ashes

3. Amy Saari-Sacred Places

4. Laura Sullivan -We Are Love

5. Linda Gavini-We Could Be Heroes

6. Lady Zhe -Pearls

7.Phyliss Causey-I Love You Too

8.Krystal Chinoy-I Forgot To Pray

9.Paul Miles-Bob Marley We Still Love You

10.Fiona Joy-Naked Love

11.Tracy De Lucia- Stand By your Man “The Hell I Am ”


13.Roli Spichtig – Samba Dance

14.McKinnley Francis-I Wanna Be With You

15.CC Bronson-Must Be Something Going On


17. Sylvie Chibiliti- Available to You

18. John Reece-Rhythm of Life


19.Sam Hughes-Ride With My Brother


20.Tony Montana UCiT ft Kayln Lewis-Fly