Bio of “The Blues Man”

Paul Miles, singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor, College Hall of Fame football player, father, grandfather, husband, humanitarian, and peace activist has lived a full life. The photo below represents only some of his music catalogue ( which is approximately 200 recorded songs over the last 22 years.

Photo Image Provided by Gaby Miles

 Paul started writing songs at coffee shops at Bowling Green State University during the early 70’s between football seasons. Events such as the Vietnam War, Kent State Massacre, Woodstock Music festival, the Martin Luther King assassination, and the Chicago political riots influenced his writing of “Thought Songs.”  First music influences were James Brown, Richie Havens, and Jimi Hendrix. This continued until his pro career ended in 1975, when he became a full-time musician and started writing songs in California during his time living in the coastal city of Huntington Beach.

However, 20 years later Paul rediscovered the blues with ears listening to Lighting Hopkins, B.B. King, Furry Lewis, Mississippi John Hurt from the old school and Taj Mahal, Keb Mo from the new school of blues began to record his original music. To date over 15 albums and counting, which has taken him to Europe, special times in Switzerland where he played the Lucerne Blues Session from 1996-2001, Canada, Mexico, and across the USA in concerts, always writing songs to uplift and be truthful to people. This has generated a positive outlook to those he has come in contact with musically.  He calls his sound “The People’s Music.”


Some song titles over the years include:

  • “Keep the Dream Alive” ~ a tribute to Martin Luther King from his first CD, Street Blues,
  • “Oh Why” ~ a tribute to 9/11 survivors and in memory of those lost in the tragedy,
  • “Swaying,” from Blues Avenue, talks about our economy, people & world issues,
  • “No Name,” from the Moods album, was about the Haiti earthquake,
  • “Stop the Pain” reflected on the world tragic events of loss of life,
  • The Deep Water Blues album was dedicated to those of the Katrina “Louisiana” water tragedy, and sales from the CD were used to help evacuees needing assistance,
  • The Healing Vibrations album includes the song “Heal,” which was a personal song about physical illness and a recovery process we all can use,
  • The Truth, Peace & Justice album was inspired by the desire to find out the truth in a Detroit unsolved murder,
  • The song “Strawberry” stresses the need to bring closure to a tragic event,
  • The album, The Red Door, has the universal song, “We Are One Family,” which tells of our connection on this planet, and
  • Paul’s latest album, The Positive, written in collaboration with Russ Reiter, with such titles as “The Positive”, “Make it a Brighter Day”, “Celebrate the Inner You”, and “There’s Power in Love”, reinforces that love and truth, along with human compassion can be motivators for reaching out to mankind

 Music Acknowledgements 

2002-Detroit Blues Society- First Solo Performer of the year, qualified for International Blues Competition -Memphis, Tenn.

2005- First in a series of Detroit Music Award Final Nominations -“A Peace of the Blues”- Best Blues Album, Best Writer

2005-Nominated by Great Stuff to do, affiliated with WWJ-local 950 radio, Entertainer of the year, along with Eminem, Anita Baker, Kid Rock, Alexander Zonckik 

2006-Detroit Music Awards- 7 nominations ”Deep Water Blues “including Best Album for Blues/R&B and Acoustic/Folk

2007- Detroit Music Awards- Won first DMA for best  “Acoustic Instrumentalist”   had 8 other final nominations

2008- Detroit Music Awards- Won three DMA, Best Blues Album, Best Instrumentalist, Best Writer for the Album “Stepping Out”

2010- Detroit Music Awards- Won for Best video under 10,000 budget, Motown Still Our Town artists include singers from Metro Detroit- included were The Original Vandellas , Jill Jack,  Michael on Fire, Tracy Kash, Carloyn Striho, Luther Keith, Sonnie Day, David Nefesh, Kroon , Scott Dailey, Alonzo Harlson, Ken Murphy, Terrie Lea, Pato Margetic, Ken Murphy, Billy Furman, Chris Spooner, Joey Spina, Barbara Payton, Joe Neely, Khary Frazier, produced & written-Paul Miles, engineer Nadir Omowale, camera Chloe Madison , to see the video  go to

2010- Detroit Music final award Nomination-Best Blues Album -Blue Collar Man

2010-Final Nomination First Detroit Black Music Awards for Best Male Blues Artist

2011 Final Nomination Best Blues Singer-Detroit Black Music Awards

2012 -Best Blues Singer- Detroit Black Music Awards

2015-Detroit Music Awards- Best Blues Album- Truth Peace & Justice

2016-Detroit Music Award- Best Gospel Writer- and co-producer for Best Gospel Album-I Am the One-Ortheia Barnes

2016- Detroit Blues Society-Best Solo Artist- qualifies to go to IBC in Memphis, Tennessee

2017-Made semi-finalist at International Blues Competition (Memphis) solo/duo competition

2017-Final Nomination for Best Blues Album-The Red Door

Ballot Entries for Grammy Awards 1st round, 2016, 2017, 2018

Paul Miles latest CD release which he released in May Of 2019  is titled “Mountain View”  which was influenced by his new home in Switzerland and wife Gaby.  He has submitted to Grammy awards and it made first round  ballot voting for 2020 in the Folk category. More music on the way….

Photo Image Provided by Gaby Miles

I want to thank the metro Detroit for giving me the opportunity to promote my music at many places. I learned a lot from past local greats. I will carry on the lessons I learned. Some of the places below have closed but the blues remain.

He has performed at these venues/festivals in metro Detroit. The  former “Attic Bar”, World Famous Baker’s keyboard, Caribou Coffee, Jambalaya Festival-Pontiac-Michigan, Blues Stage Club, Tenny Street Roadhouse, Memphis Smoke, Northfield Roadhouse, Pontiac -Arts, Beats and Eats Festival, Hastings Ballroom, Birmingham &Rochester Farmer’s Market, Detroit Festival of the Arts, 5th Avenue Ballroom in Royal Oak/Comerica Park, Midland Antique Festival, Southfield Library Blues Series, Alibis-Windsor, Canada, Capital Theater-Windsor, Mark Ridley’s Magic Castle, Howes Bayou, Danny’s Irish Pub, Channel 4 WDIV-Detroit-Super Bowl Pregame Show Campus Martius, Detroit Winter Blast, Brighton’s 1st Jazz and Blues Festival-2006, Oakland University, Old Town Bluesfest-Lansing-Michigan,  Bert’s Warehouse , Eastern Market, and many others…  Paul completed his first Sturgis Bike Rally from Aug 4-Aug 13,2011. He has played there thru 2017.

There is a list of radio stations locally playing his… “Keeping the Blues Alive” is his motto.

Paul would like his music to reach out and touch you.  available music at CD baby, Spotify, Apple iTunes, YouTube.  Thanks to my cousin Tracy Tisdale who has updated my website. Thank for support from my lovely wife Gaby Miles.  Peace&Blues PM