Multi-Detroit music award winner bluesman Paul Miles has joined with 40-year veteran singer, guitarist, engineer Russ Reiter to bring an album which will show their versatility of presenting songs from Pop, to reggae, rhythm&blues to easy listening. The inspiration and intent of this album is for people to hear and hopefully realize the power of thoughts. Love has given both of these artists energy to go outside themselves to truly made a remarkable album. They both have wives who have given support. in a true collaboration in the spirit of family. Recognizing the power of positivity and inner change is their motto which can help all throughout this planet. This united effort of different individuals with a common purpose will strike a positive chord within your heart. As their titles speak, Look Inside to see There’s Power in love, Start it now to Celebrate the inner you. The Common ground is Heaven is Here. My Mission Road is Open Your Eyes and Make it a Brighter Day, The Positive can be you. Please enjoy and share with the world. ┬áPeace&Love