The Red Door

Release Date May 1, 2016

The Red Door

Solo acoustic blues with some contemporary comments and fun from the Detroit Music Award Blues Man

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This album reflects my Louisiana influences and my enchantment with the city of St. Augustine Florida. Other special encounters and world observations gave ideas for this CD. “Keep On Dancin’” written in Ann Arbor, Michigan is about pleasant thoughts of a dancing partner in Switzerland. “We Are One Family” came from a mass murder of children and my view of our universal connection. “Back to the Bayou” is a playful tune about a man going back to see his girl for romantic reasons. “Hanging from a Tree” deals with a recent unexplained hanging incident and I take the victim’s place in expressing what he may have thought about.  “Jesus, You Can’t Feed The Homeless” is my view from a true incident where a pastor is arrested for feeding the homeless in Florida. “Alligator Stew” is an instrumental where you can imagine you are the cook for this special meal. “Twosome Love” is a reflection of a important connection between love partners. Yes Yes ! “15 Women” my encounter in Scottsdale,  Arizona on a Friday night which also happened to be Ladies Night Out.  “Augustine” is my strong feelings for the oldest city in North America. “Red Door Blues,” is a traditional blues from a man feeling the moment.  “Sugar Mama” is an observation of a man who has a older woman drawn to him and he to her. “Gator Nights” is an upbeat song of the Everglades in Florida. Did you know alligators can run fast? Hope you have fun and also take some time to think about our connection as a race of man and woman. “Peace & Blues” PM