World Digital Release “The Positive” Miles & Reiter

World Digital Release “The Positive” Miles & Reiter
Friday, Jul 21 - Aug 03, 2017 RSVP Here
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21 Jul’17 World Digital Release “The Positive” Miles & Reiter

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Here’s the link to preview it – The Positive
“The Positive” is a mix of traditional song styles created to lift the spirit and bring the Positive from everyone’s hearts to the world.
The inspiration and intent of this album is for people to hear and hopefully realize the power of their thoughts. Love has given both Paul and I the energy to go outside ourselves to truly make a remarkable album of which we are both exceptionally proud.
Recognizing the power of positivity and inner change is our motto, which can help all throughout this planet. This legacy of united effort of different individuals with a common purpose will strike a positive chord within your heart.

The Positive can be you! Please enjoy and share with the world. Peace&Love

Click this link for samples and to download:

(Hard copy CDs available soon!)