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For Your Consideration "Your Smile"

RIP Aunts Faith Jackson

and Millie Jackson, 

We Miss You 

For Grammy “Best American Roots” Song

Thanks for considering  “Her Smile,” which is a tribute to those we have lost to Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  I am not the only one affected by this worldwide tragedy. RIP

Hear a clip now:  

Hear the entire track here: 


Her memory slipped away

But she’s never lost her smile.

Wish she could come back to me

If only for a little while.

She’s there in my heart and soul

If she could just smile for me once more,

To let me know that she knows

I’m the one she loved and adored.


She goes to a place in her mind

Where no one else can go.

Her reality is her own;

I’m here but she is all alone.

With her memories of the past

I can’t go there because

They are hers and hers alone.


All I want is just a smile and a kiss

To let me know she is still mine, mine.

She’s now left the world that we know…

Oh, in my heart she still glows…

Now I can see her

Smiling down on me;

The one I used to know

And her smile, her smile, her smile

Her smile, her smile.


Song Credits:

Lyrics: Ella Shafer & Paul Miles

Music: Paul Miles 

Vocals/Guitar: Paul Miles

Keyboards/Engineer: Russ Reiter

Recorded: Alley Records

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Peace & Blues!!! Paul

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