grammy voting 2017

My Grammy voting is done.

Here is a review for our album “The Positive” which was written by Grammy Winner 2015 Wouter Kellerman. We thank him and his time:

“THE POSITIVE is a refined and accomplished, thoroughly enjoyable record. I love the laidback and smooth MAKE IT A BRIGHTER DAY that had me swaying while it played. CELEBRATE THE INNER YOU is rock music at its finest! So classy! HEAVEN IS HERE is blissfully fresh, and I was moved by the heartfelt narrative and the soulful lyrics of LOOK INSIDE. The wonderful guitar riffs and the polished vocals of MY MISSION ROAD is another gem on this masterpiece!”

Check out FYC Americana Album:

Thanks for the kind words. Russ Reiter and I offer this music to help the planet and to the future children. Paul Miles