We are so happy to introduce to you our
collaborative anthem of unity, compassion, and respect.

November 2020 [Luzern, Switzerland] – Ajay Mathur and Paul J. Miles – two musicians from two different cultures cooperate to deliver an anthem of unity, compassion and respect – ‘Let’s Come Together’.

These are extraordinary times. Times when we are asking ourselves the hard questions about what is important in life. We are confronted with a pandemic, climate change, unrest and division like never before. ‘Let’s Come Together’ is a song about what really matters. It is about the strength that people find when they focus on what binds them and when they understand that gratitude, compassion, respect, friendship and love are what make us uniquely human and capable of doing great things. Together.

What started as a conversation at the dinner table turned into a song that brings together the unique styles and skills of two very different musicians. The unusual combination of Ajay Mathur, Swiss singer-songwriter who was born and raised in India, and the Afro American blues musician Paul J. Miles, born and raised in the United States, both now residing in Switzerland, is a singular triumph.

Paul J. Miles has won multiple awards in Detroit, Michigan as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music appeals to people of all walks of life and his soulful songwriting gets people on their feet everywhere he goes. View “Let’s Come Together” here.

Ajay Mathur is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter whose latest album “Little Boat” was voted English Album of the Year 2018 by the German Pop Foundation. Ajay is very popular and receives excellent international reviews.  https://www.ajaymathur.com/

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